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“I love that Dr Yvonne takes the time to really get to know me and to understand my health. I feel like she genuinely cares about me. She has helped me feel as good as I did before I had kids!" ES

“Dr Yvonne is very thorough and I like the way she combines natural health and modern science in her practice." AB

"I have trusted in Dr. Kreger's care and expertise for over ten years. Her compassionate heart combined with her brilliant knowledge and understanding of health and wellness have proven time and again that I am in the best of hands. Everyone that I have referred to her feels the same. If you are looking for an intelligent doctor who actually takes the time to listen, guide and work with you - you've found her!" JG

"Dr. Yvonne's approach is to examine my whole 'person'. She deals with my chronic issues by addressing root causes, whether physical or emotional. She has taught me to think holistically. I feel blessed to have someone I know I can trust to help my body do what it was designed to do!" CW

"Dr. Yvonne really takes the time to get to know all about you and your health. I had excema my whole life and no matter what any M.D. would give me it wouldn't go away. After seeing Dr. Yvonne and having my allergies tested I've been clear of excema for years. I highly recommend her." CH

"Dr. Yvonne has been helping me with many health issues, including cancer. It’s evident that she genuinely cares about me. In her presence, I feel warm & protected, as though in the presence of a wise, nurturing friend and mentor who helps guide me through my journey. This is what holistic care is to me. She is a very dedicated, knowledgeable doctor. The world needs more like her; she's truly one in a million." SB

"Dr. Yvonne has guided me through perimenopause with grace and ease, treating me for hot flashes, irritability, fatigue, exhaustion, etc. Her prescriptions were non-invasive, affordable and in tune with how I live my lifestyle. I feel like my issues matter to her and she spends quality time with me as a patient to ensure we cover everything that needs to be addressed. I feel safe in her care." ZH

"Dr. Kreger was so thorough with my first exam. I felt right at home and very much at ease. I will be referring any of my friends that are seeking a Naturopath to her practice. She is wonderful!" CL

"I can't recommend Dr. Yvonne highly enough - she's gone way farther than the extra mile in helping me deal with my health issues. I'm deeply grateful for her care and support of my body, mind, and spirit. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with her." KB   

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